Healthy Soil = beautiful healthy lush plants

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Soil… most people just think of it as dirt, something to grow a few plants in, and maybe something to play in when you are young. Now, before you nod off or skip to a more exciting article, consider this: “Would you dig a hole in your backyard, throw in your wallet, cover it up and walk away?” If the answer is no… read on.

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Lawn Establishment & Maintenance

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Establishment – The first 4 weeks

During the first 4 weeks, avoid heavy or concentrated use on your new lawn. This will give the root system an opportunity to firmly knit with the soil and will ensure the lawn remains level. During root establishment (first 4 weeks) ensure your newly laid lawn remains moist at all times, and in Summer water frequently throughout the day. After 4 weeks mow your new lawn for the first time.


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