Everybody wishes to own a house. Unlike an apartment, a house is more personal and private. Moreover, you own the entire property so you can design it as you please. You don’t have to request permission from a landlord or the building owner as you are the owner. As long as you ensure that building regulations are met, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. However as wonderful as freedom is, there are things you need to keep in mind to ensure that every dollar you spend will be worthwhile and the house you design will be more than a building of bricks and stone but a home for you and your family.

Make Sure There Is Ample Light and Ventilation

A house needs to breathe. Like you and me, a house also requires fresh air and light to stay strong and hospitable to live in. When there is not enough ventilation or sunlight, a house can become musky. It also reduces mould and mildew. Black mould, the most notorious of all moulds can make the air you breathe toxic and could even kill you. A dark house with stale air is the perfect environment for moisture in the walls to create black mould. So, ensuring there is enough natural light and ventilation to keep a house dry and fresh is important.  This means your home will need windows and corridors that allow air to pass through. This is also one of the reasons why open floor layouts are popular. As they free up the entire space.

Ensure That the Paint Shade Matches the Room’s Intended Purpose

Colour is a powerful thing. Depending on which one you choose, you can to an extent control the type of mood the occupant in that room will have. It may be due to evolution but humans associate certain emotions with colours. Blue is found to be a call colour that helps people feel relaxed. Yellow is a cheerful colour which makes people feel joyful. Red is associated with passion and romance. So, choosing the right colour for a room is important. If you don’t want to stick to a specific colour you can always discuss this with the residential painting services in Geelong that you hire. They may be able to tell you what you can do. You could always have an accent wall with interesting paintwork.

Always Have Enough Hidden Storage

It is expected that you will have your own belongings and throughout your stay in your home will expand this collection. Unless you fancy keeping boxes in every room, you should have storage solutions incorporated in your house plan.  Maybe a hidden storage area above the bedroom or a wall entirely made of cabinets. There is so much you can do. If you think a utility room is all you need you will be wrong. So, try to have clever storage solutions.

In the end, your home is your biggest investment so design it as well as you can to ensure that your time staying there will be one filled with joy.

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