With its wonderful Mediterranean-like climate, Western Australia is a wonderful place to invest in outdoor spaces, particularly home gardens. The land doesn’t frost over in winter, so locals can expect lushness all year around. There are plenty of things homeowners can undertake to create a truly unique backyard or a lawn. Here are some ideas:

Plan Early for Social Spaces

Most homeowners want to utilize outdoor spaces for something more than just bird watching. Many plan on hosting social events, like barbeques, in outdoor areas. If you plan to do the same, design these spaces carefully. If you want the garden to handle heavy foot traffic create a lawn or a lawn-like grassy area surrounded by trees and shrubs. The grass is the best for being trodden on compared to any other type of plant. You would also need to decide how much space you want for these social events and design accordingly.

Aim for a Seamless Garden

The hottest outdoor trend right now is creating so-called seamless gardens, where indoor spaces seemingly blend into outdoor areas. You can create exterior-facing rooms to enjoy outdoor areas even when you are indoors. A seamless outdoor space would have to be planned early on. At least, you would need proper professional experts to redesign a boring, old garden. Make sure to find the best specialists for landscape construction at Nedlands to incorporate these trendy styles into your outdoor area.

Get Easy-to-Grow Plants for Stress-Free Tending

Most Australians want gardens they can tend to easily on a weekly basis. That’s the reason for the popular “30 minute garden.” If you are not a particularly avid gardener, you may want to choose plants carefully for the outdoor area. Pick shrubs and flowering plants that are easy to care for. If you are growing veggies, some plants are much simpler to tend to than others. Do pay attention to the maintenance required before planting your garden.

Choose Native Plants to Attract Wildlife

Do use indigenous Australian plants and shrubs in your outdoor space to attract wildlife like birds. Plants like Grevillea, Hakea, and Melaleuca are well suited to Western Australia. Native plants have low water requirements, making them quite easy and affordable to care for. The wildlife they attract not only make your garden look beautiful and lively, the birds would also act as natural pest control.

Do Plant a Natural Lawn

There are many reasons to avoid AstroTurf in Western Australia and go for the real thing instead. A real lawn is better at reducing sun glare. It’s quieter as well. Plus, in the summer, a real lawn doesn’t get as hot and may even contribute to keeping outdoor areas cool. So it’s best to invest in natural grass, even if some care would be required down the line.

Keep Privacy in Mind

You may want to maintain some privacy in the garden so the whole neighbourhood doesn’t have to see you taking strolls or sunbathing. There are plenty of innovative ways to create privacy barriers depending on available space. A bamboo screen, with bamboo trees clumped together, would look stunning all year. Bamboo is great for the Western Australian climate as it is heat and cold resistant. You can also go for a flowering hedge or a fence with ivy vines.

Use the above tips to design a stunning and pragmatic garden. Add colour with flowers and keep it well maintained for best results throughout the seasons.

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