There are many moments in life when you feel like you need to have a change in your surroundings. The easiest way to do so is buy giving your home, in which you rest and rejuvenate, a fresh look. However, most ideas for this renewed home, (though fantastic), tends to be on the expensive side. Here are a few tips that are certainly not free, but not overly expensive either…

See to the Tell-tale Squeaks and Groans

Most people assume that a house needs to be old and well used to have squeaks and groans. We say otherwise; even new homes may have a few. Newly installed furniture and latches especially tend to be this way. The secret here is to pay attention to them, and get rid of them before the minor squeaks become major annoyances. But if you haven’t, and how not got used to the squeaking and the groans, then getting rid of them, temporarily at least, will make your home appear newer to you…perhaps without spending anything!

Give Your Home a New Color

Color plays a large part in visually appealing anything to the naked human eye. The colors you choose for your walls, your floors, your accessories, your upholstery, your drapes…these all play a massive part in making your home prettier and more put together. However, most people tend to stick to one tried and tested color theme almost all through their life; making their home eventually feels dull and lifeless. Give life once more to your home by adding newer colors and patterns.

New Bathroom Fittings can be Life Changing

If you’ve ever had to (finally) replace a shower head after years of using, you’ll be familiar with that feeling of absurd happiness when turning on the shower for a few weeks after the switch. This is largely because bathroom fittings too tend to reduce their efficiency with time; no matter how good a brand it is. Having said fittings cleaned properly and regularly certainly makes a huge difference, but if you’re looking to make your home feel new, perhaps it’s time to opt for new bathroom products Perth.

Lighting Make All the Difference

We’re all about conserving energy, and strongly recommend switching over to LED bulbs to our readers. Unfortunately, one downside about certain brands of such lights, is that they tend to dim over time; reducing the amount of brightness distributed in your home. This dimming tends to happen gradually; in a way that you would hardly notice it until it’s time to replace said bulbs. Replacing the bulbs when they begin to dim, or switching over to a brand that does not dim with time will give your home a newer feel without having to spend much.

Replacement of Broken Tiles is Vital

If it’s a house that has been lived in, with children and pets to keep it alive, then a few chipped walls and cracked tiles is inevitable. Unfortunately, this is what gives your home a run down and old “look” and “feel”. While we understand that replacing the entire floor is pretty expensive, if you can find the same tile design, or a design that complements it, then we suggest replacing those chipped/cracked tiles to give your home a new appearance.

On a side note, if you are thinking of carpeting your children’s room, we suggest using carpet tiles for best results. This makes it easier for you to not only clean spills and messes, but also to replace them without spending a fortune…

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