Commercial refrigerators are expensive, which is why you should do everything possible to maintain yours. You’d be saving a lot of cash, as you wouldn’t have to buy a new one. Read ahead.

Don’t Stack

If you run a restaurant, you’re probably stacking your fridge. You should stop doing this. The excess food in the refrigerator would cause it to work at fully capacity. This’d strain its motor. You’d not only deal with problems along the line, but you’d have to deal with higher energy bills too.


If you hire an expert to regularly check your fridge, you wouldn’t have to be worried about random breakdowns. If there are any issues, check-ups would let you get them sorted before they get serious. Make sure the person you hire is reputed. Otherwise, the check-up won’t be thorough. Look for someone offering quality commercial fridge repairs in Melbourne.

Clean Coils

Keep the appliance’s condenser coils clean. You’ll have to clean them twice or thrice a year. When you pull the fridge back, the condenser coils would be revealed. You might have to snap off the grille on its back if you can’t see them.

Regularly checking the coils out would let you know if they’re in good condition or not. Letting them get to a bad state where you have to replace them won’t be great for your wallet. New condensation coils are really expensive.

Cleaning the coils is a piece of cake. Put the brush attachment on your vacuum on and get rid of any dust.

Seal the Doors

Make sure the seal on the fridge’s dooris working. It will prevent cool air from seeping out which would result in your fridge overworking.

Ensure there is no food residue on the door’s seal. Clean it regularly with a toothbrush, along with a baking soda and water solution.

You can test whether the seal is compromised or not. Close the door and place a dollar billin-between. If you can easily slip it out, you’re in trouble.

The hinges on the door need to be working well too. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to shut properly. Cool air will leak out.

Condensation Unit

We mentioned cleaning the condensation coils earlier. Something else you should do is check the appliance for excess moisture.  Too much moisture would cause the condensation unit to freeze up, leading to a breakdown. Also, regularly check the coil and inside for spills.

Fridge Location

Where is your refrigerator located? It shouldn’t be anywhere that’s near an oven or a heat source. The heat would cause it to work hard to keep itself cool. Its motors can get damaged.

If you don’t have a walk-in freezer but a regular fridge, it shouldn’t be placed right against the wall. This’ll prevent its condensation unit from doing its job.

To summarize, there’s a lot you can do to maintain your fridge. From all of the point, the best would be to get someone to regularly check it out.


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