It doesn’t matter what you do, where you work or who you are, cleaning up can always be such a chore. But procrastinating can lead to much more damage and work for you in the long run. So how about we change those procrastinating ways and start fresh with the New Year? A little bit of cleaning each day can make sure you’re free over the weekends or that you won’t have to clean each and every week at all for that matter. Here’s a simple guide you can follow to achieve that clean and neat household in no time.

Make Your Bed

You may be rolling your eyes right now but making your bed is actually a pretty good habit to instill in yourself- not to mention it’s a great way to start small with guiding your kids on the matter too. But really, a messy bed can leave the whole room looking cluttered so if you’re going to start working on your household, the smallest and easiest task you can start with is your bed!

Kitchen Duties

This is probably the place most prone in the house to get dirty. Make it a point to clean up after each snack or meal rather than letting everything pile up. Dirty countertops are a major no-no when it comes to catching that clean-household feel. Also make it a point to do the dishes while you’re at it. There is nothing worse than a sink full of dirty dishes to drain you of your motivation to clean in one go. See to it as it comes along so there’s no intimidating pile-up.


If you don’t wipe down your sinks and faucets regularly, you’re probably already familiar with the sight that will await you. Hairs on the sink and toothpaste splatters to match make for a nasty combination. If you want that clean household, take a minute to wipe down after yourself to make sure that sink looks spiffy.

Roof Duties

Do you have a leak? Is your roof damaged or are your gutters in need of serious cleaning? These are major giveaways of a household that is disorganized and unclean. Well, Roof repairs cranbourne will have you all sorted out in one go. You do not want this situation escalating so as soon as you notice something, get it seen to

Floor Mats

Vacuuming can be such a gruelling process. Here’s a simple solution that will reduce the amount of dust that gets into your home and thus, how often you’ll need to vacuum. Use floor mats to wipe your feet. You can also dust them out every few days.

Countertop Tidy-Up

In a last minute sweep before bed put away any clutter that might have made its way out on to the countertops during the day. This goes for anything on your dining table as well!

There you have it- a simple yet effective guide into maintaining a clean household. Of course, this doesn’t offer a complete house cleaning but it sure saves you the trouble of dealing with pile-ups!

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