If you have recently built an outdoor deck or patio, the next step is furnishing it. Your outdoor furniture has to be robust and able to handle the elements. You have to be careful in choosing durable cushions as well.

One of the first things you have to consider when selecting patio furniture cushions is the shape and size of the cushion. You can buy water resistant outdoor cushions online but they have to be the right size to fit your furniture. You can take out a tape measure and check the measurements for all the furniture so you can choose the correct size. The measurements you will need will be the width, length and depth of the seat. The depth can be changed according to how high you want the seating to be. Then there are so many different types of fabrics you can choose from. You have to consider your outdoor decorative elements before choosing the fabric. This will give you inspiration on which colours and patterns to go with. You can also infuse it with your own personal style.

Outdoor furniture and cushions are subjected to a lot more wear and tear than what you have indoors. They will be exposed to direct sunlight a lot and many times, they will be subjected to dampness. This means there is a higher chance of mould developing on the cushions. The conditions are not controlled as your indoor environment so you have to choose materials that can withstand a bit of wear and tear. Some of the outdoor fabric types you can choose are duck cloth, vinyl and cotton canvas. Check the specifications of the fabric to see if it is resistant to mould, water, UV radiation, stains and bleach. This ensures a long life time and you will not need to spend on replacements very soon. You have to think about the type of filling that goes into the cushions. Foam is very affordable and it can be found easily as well. You can also select high density foam for a firm seating option. Then there is batting which is foam encased in Dacron material producing a smooth but firm cushion. This prevents you from sinking into the cushions too much.

There are certain additions that make outdoor cushions all the more convenient for use. One such feature is having ties or Velcro that allow you to attach the cushion to the seat so it stays in place. If you have windy conditions, a small cushion can fly away if it is not fastened to the seat. You can also make the most of your cushion covers by going for reversible cushions. These will give you two colour or print options that you can play with so you don’t have to see the same colour theme every day. There are also slip covers that help you change the theme easily. Look for cushion covers with zippers or buttons that can be removed easily so that you can clean them once in a while. But you have to choose cushion covers that are machine washable. This will save you a lot of elbow grease.


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