Are you looking to have your home always look like it has been prepared for a photo shoot? If so, we’re guessing you’re a fan of home interior decorating. Here are our tips for you to achieve this from your home.


It’s All In The Colors

If you’re looking for that interior magazine like beauty for your home, then take the time to truly study said magazines. Notice the colors used and the clean designs of the furniture. Consider adopting these colors and designs for your own home. Generally lighter colors are used in these homes to promote the illusion of space. Accent walls and textured surfaces are also largely used in magazine homes; both for creativity sake and for the purpose of adding to that illusion of space.

Be Vigilant When Choosing “Surfaces” And Materials To Design Your Home

When it comes to keeping a house always visitor friendly and looking ready for a magazine shoot, one of the most important things to remember is to always pay attention to the surfaces. This is especially vital to remember when you’re constructing your house and able to choose the surfaces such as the wall and floor tiles, the kitchen and bathroom counters as well as the textured walls of bedrooms. Be vigilant so that you don’t end up choosing a material that is hard to clean or keep maintained.


Let The Professionals Handle The Delicate Parts

Doing it yourself is definitely trending in today’s world; especially thanks to how expensive almost any service tends to be around the world. However, when it comes to the longevity of certain delicate furniture and decorations of your home, it’s worth spending a little extra to get it professionally cleaned to avoid damaging it by trying to clean it yourself. Things like delicate area rugs and carpets are best cleaned using carpet cleaning services Caboolture, just as it important to get your lace curtains dry cleaned professionally. Furniture upholstery too needs to be refreshed often using professional cleaners, in order to maintain that fresh and spongy feel of it.

Make Yourself A Working Daily And Monthly Cleaning Routine

If you’re tired of having a messy home whenever your visitors pop into your home unexpectedly, consider making yourself a daily home cleaning routine that lasts around 20 minutes in the morning and before heading to bed. Do a light dusting of your home, replace the things you’ve taken out back to their places, clean small messes (like spilled food) as soon as you’ve made them, and learn to clear clutter as you work. Doing this twice a day makes it easier on you to have a relatively neat and clean home to present when people unexpectedly pop in. Make time to give your home a deep cleaning at least one weekend a month; something which will not take you as much time as you’d think if you take that 20 minutes each day to lightly clean and arrange your home.

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