As technology keeps progressing, the need for conventional fridges may virtually disappear in a very short time. If they can provide efficient, economical and space saving solutions for food preservation then consumers would definitely shift their demand to this.

Cane Used On a Commercial Scale

Under counter refrigeration may have quite a few commercial applications and a prime example would be star-class hotels. Room space is vital in the hotel industry both for the guests and the hotel itself. Most suites in star-class hotels have inbuilt kitchens which have a refrigerator under the counter where your cooking station is. Hotels have recognized this as an effective way to save up on floor space while adding that extra bit of surprise and class to their rooms. Guests would really like this value-additional feature in their room and the clever method of food preservation. This form of refrigeration can be used in planes and cruise ships as well where space is limited and crucial, so these industries have now looked to invest in these fridges. It is not only in homes that these appliances come into play, modern high-end caravans come equipped with these fridges and is just the thing for the cosy interior of a caravan.

Wine Chillers

Wine chillers are a very popular form of refrigeration and an under counter fridge will be an effective way to get this done. They also add a bit of extra flair to your kitchen and even your outdoor bar. With touch controls to regulate temperature and stacks on each deck which come out sliding smoothly they really do make your wine collection pretty “cool.” These fridges come with proximity led lighting which only lights up when you are close to the fridge to highlight and easily allow you to identify what is stored inside. These appliances would be ideal for a cocktail and also a chance to show off a pretty cool way of storing wine to your guests. These state-of-the-art fridges also come with dedicated zones for the different types of wine you have, whether it be white or red. Capacities may vary between 10 to 15 bottles which is more than enough to entertain your guests to a considerably large function. Expect a bold outer design on these products coupled with stainless steel handles made to draw anyone’s eye to its craftsmanship.

Ice Boxes

This is an important compartment in these fridges as they store your ice. Ice is an essential in your home, having reliable technology to keep a steady clean supply of ice on standby whenever you need it can be very useful. Some products come with a Max ice feature which is known to increase the production of ice by around 50% and accelerate the whole process. In-built filters would ensure that the water you cool is filtered and made into clean, clear ice that is ready to be used instantly. Smart technology integrated into these fridges would notify when your ice is ready to go, so all you have to do is scoop out your ice and pour out that drink! Convenience personified.

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