Remember those hot sunny months in summer when everything was just so very hot and dry and blistering? Well just to remind you very gently that summer is on its way again and that you probably need to be better prepared this time, what with all of the climate changes that might bring on another record breaking heat wave. The inside of your house might not be the best place for you to stay in during the hot summer unless the air conditioning is blasting on at full capacity. Even then, who can really stay inside all day? That is why it is equally important to get your garden all set and ready so that there are shady areas where you can chill and enjoy the greenery of the summer this year. Here is how you can do just that.

* via Bridge & Burn

Bring On Those Green Canopies

We are talking majestic and lush trees that will not just create a great shade under which you can chill but also add a lot of breeze to the garden. Of course if you have nothing of the sort now, it is impossible to start growing a giant tree now in time for summer (unless its Jack’s beanstalk) but what you can do as a possible solution for this would be to grow a really thick and green vine across a certain area of your garden so that it creates a canopy that is still cooling and just as great to relax underneath. Basically, it does not have to be some massively difficult and expensive project, you can get creative with the trees in your garden and create canopies that are cooling to sit under and lovely to look at.

How About Some Man-Made Canopies?

Of course it is understandable enough that the above way of creating cool spaces may not be something that everyone has the time and the resources for. That is why there needs to always be another option that you can adopt in this case. Sail shades are your answer. They are not at all difficult to install, are great additions to the garden that will not take away from its aesthetic appeal and are not very costly either. Besides you do not even need to install it by yourself if that is hard, you can simply ask the professionals to come and do it for you. There you go, problem solved.

Another idea for my faux French farmhouse ;-)

Water Features

The thing about water features in a garden is not that it will add shadows per say, however, it will certainly help cool off the place a lot. If you have a lovely canopy that sits over the flowing water that has been installed in your garden how cool and comforting do you think that would be on a hot summer’s day? (Add iced tea or ice cold lemonade with mint for best results). These are some of the most creative ways in which you can find some comfortably cold places to relax in, in your own home during a summer heatwave.

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