One of the best things that you can have in a great bedroom is equally amazing bedding. On average a person spends about 8 hours a day in bed and that adds up to a grand total of about 2920 hours in bed every year. So what do you need to snuggle away all these hours? Comfort and more comfort. Whether you are watching a movie, fallings asleep, reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine all you really need is an absolute comfort. So how can you make sure that this comfort is always present in your bedroom? By choosing the right bedding that will give you all the comfort that you want. Here are some great tips to help you choose the bedding that will put you to sleep the moment you climb on to the bed.

The Amazing Weave That Maximizes Comfort

Have you ever heard of waffle blankets? If you have not, you should get to your research about it right now. The design is what makes this one extra special. There are little indented squares all over just like how the food with the same name does and this weave creates something that is almost like a thick old cover and a thin one that has been somehow combined into one. This gives it a really versatile character like keeping you warm when the winters hit hard and still keeping you cool when the heat comes in waves.  It is specially designed to ensure that your body heat gets regulated so that you do not have to keep buying different covers for the different seasons. The thick outline in every little square is there to keep the heat in while the thinner bits that are on the inside of each square helps the air circulation to happen effectively. It is also perfect for layering. You do not have to wake up shivering and hunt for more covers or start throwing one by one off the bed in the middle of a scary sweat. Simply have 2 of these with you so when the heat is on you peel them away and when the cold hits you pull them on. It’s really just that simple.

The 100% Cotton Wonder

Cotton is just amazing, it is all natural, and it is breathable, lightweight material that is perfect for the bedroom. Cotton is also really a lot more durable than you would think. The covers and the bedding made of 100% cotton that you buy today will still come in handy many years down the line. 100% cotton does not fade and does not wear down. It’s pretty much like nature geared up for the worse and came up with cotton; the delicate but strong winner of all fabric. It actually becomes even softer every time that you wash it. It is also a lot more fade resistant than the majority of other fabrics out there that are used for bedding. This fabric is also really easy to maintain and only requires that they have plain old washing methods. Nothing that requires you to spend three hours washing and another five hours drying. You can easily wash these in your washing machine on the gentle cycle or any other 100% cotton setting. You can then tumble dry them in a low to warm setting on the temperature.

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