Every homeowner wants their house’s exterior to be as impeccable as the next. Your dedication to maintaining your backyard and staying on top of its trends is what will give your house a valuable sense of curb appeal. If you want to know how to ramp up your exterior’s style, here are some tips that are bound to come in handy!

Green Thumb

Needless to say you need to have a bit of a green thumb to pull this off. Your lawn needs to be beyond manicured. You need to invest in and maintain flowerbeds- this is a great way to add variety and pops of colour to your backyard. Make it a point to plant the longer flowers towards the background and flowers with smaller stems more towards the front so that they’re all very visible.


There’s nothing more unappealing than seeing hanging, dead branches. Not only do they seriously jeopardize your house’s visual interest but they also destruct your view of the place! Just make it a point to do some regular pruning of your hedges and trees alongside the flower beds and you’ll be fine!

Large Plants

Having large potted plants by the entrance gives off quite a stunning look. But remember, when making your choice, that you should ideally go for a plant that is highly resistant and can survive through most weather conditions- be it the drought or winter. This way your plant won’t just die off when every season ends.


Another thing that people notice but homeowners tend to overlook are their shutters. Don’t be boring with your choices, instead opt for roller shutters. If you want to find out more about roller shutters Melbourne, what you need to know is that they are remarkably aesthetic, they offer great security and also happen to be environmentally friendly!


Nothing beautifies a place better than some romantic lighting. Accent lighting will create an intimate ambience in your backyard, making it perfect for date nights or family dinners. Its best that you opt for something solar powered so that you can place it anywhere in the yard, while also taking a step toward green living.


It’s during hotter days that you’ll find yourself needing more shade or you won’t step out into that beautiful garden of yours! So make it a point to invest in some large, outdoor umbrellas.

Water Fountain

Installing a small water feature like a fountain is a delicate yet impactful addition to your surroundings. Not only are they light on the wallet, but they’re also rather therapeutic and work great in any garden or backdrop!

Recycled Bricks

You’re adding in the flowerbeds, the ornaments and the lights, don’t forget to add in some boundaries! You can easily use recycled bricks to create your own brick border to highlight certain patches in your yard, be it the flower bed, some hedges etc. This easily adds more depth to your surroundings and helps with that wow factor.

These are the best ways you can upgrade your backyard to give it that little bit of extra loving you’re aiming for!

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