Mirrors can do wonders to the interior of a house. A delicately carved mirror not only adds elegance to your home, but it can also add depth to a small hallway. The one who took the concept of hanging mirrors out of the bathroom has certainly made all the right decisions. A mirror is also a great object to use if you want to make your rooms look larger as they provide an illusion of more space. Read on to learn about how you can incorporate mirrors to beautify your living room.

1)     Make Your Hall Appear Bright Without Any Lights

Only during daylight, of course! If your hall looks a bit gloomy, the best option is to place a mirror opposite a window. It will illuminate your room by doubling up the natural light that casts into the room. The bigger your mirror is, the brighter your hall!

2)     A Tall Hall Is A Call Away

Are you worried that you wouldn’t be able to redecorate your house to suit the latest stylistic trends? Does it have really low walls that make you cringe in shame? You can put all your woes to rest. Just search for mirrors brisbane to find out what types of mirrors are available near you. Ideally, choose a leaning mirror which would create the illusion of a taller and wider space. Bear in mind that this mirror has to be at least 75% of the wall’s height. But be sure to keep the clutter away from that mirror. You don’t want to double up your clutter, do you?

3)     Use An Assortment Of Mirrors

Don’t stick to conventional rectangular mirrors. Be adventurous. Purchase mirrors with different frames, colours and shapes. There’s no rule which dictates that all mirrors should be used for practical purposes. A mirror can create the same impression a framed picture or a wall art does. Place a uniquely shaped mirror where guests can see. At least, it will give the guests something to talk about during awkward conversations.

4)     Hang Mirrors For A Sense Of Symmetry

Consider using a pair of mirrors on either side of a door or a window to balance out a room.  Breathe life into an otherwise lifeless wall by incorporating similar patterns to create a symmetrical environment. Select pairs with that have mesmerizing shapes and colours.

5)     Why Be Limited To A Wall- When You Have The Whole House!

Think out the box and decide where else you can install mirrors in your home sweet home. How about adding a beautiful rounded mirror as the base of a centerpiece at your dining table? Then cleverly arrange sparkly ornaments that give aesthetic pleasure and enjoy the pleasing view it creates.

Once you start decorating your hallway with mirrors, you wouldn’t know when to stop. You will fall in love with the idea of using mirrors to redecorate your home space as it’s such a timeless method of refurbishing which can be interpreted into a variety of styles and designs.

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