There are unique challenges in remodelling a small bathroom but there are so many innovative ideas to explore as well. With a bathroom remodel, you can help improve functionality, style and optimise space.

You can select a renovation company

That specialises in bathroom remodels such as Amity Living so that you can benefit from their creative solutions and strategic design choices. You can transform even a tiny bathroom into a stylish retreat while maximising efficiency and comfort. You have to start with a clear vision when you are first beginning your project. You need to have clear priorities defined for the project. Think about what your preferences, goals and essential features are for the design. Some of the factors you need to consider are efficiency of the layout, storage needs and aesthetic preferences. You can create a mood board out of inspiration photos so that you can bring all your design ideas into one place and this will allow you to explore different colours, styles and materials. This mood board will be quite convenient when you are working with a design team as you can show them your vision for the bathroom renovation. This will help guide their design process.

When you have a small bathroom,

The most valuable space you can use to maximise storage is vertical space. This allows you to free the floor area which can create an expansive spacious space the moment you step into the bathroom. Some of the ways you can use vertical space is by installing tall shelving units, cabinets and built-in niches above the toilet or the vanity so that you can store towels, toiletries and other essentials. Wall mounted storage solutions like baskets, hooks and floating shelves can keep clutter off the floor and the countertops so that you can create a clean look for the room. Another tip is to use space saving fixtures. These can be scaled to suit the proportions of the room without overwhelming the space. A compact vanity can be chosen that has integrated storage solutions so that countertop space can be maximised. A wall hung or corner toilet can help free up floor space. You can also choose narrow profile taps, sinks and showerheads that will fit perfectly into a small bathroom.

Light and bright colours can give a spacious impression to your bathroom.

It will create an open feel. You can choose a neutral colour palette for the room with soft hues like light grey, white or even pastels. These will help brighten the space. You can have pops of colour through artwork, accessories or accent tiles. This will add visual interest to the space and you will be able to put your own mark or personality into the design. But the walls and the ceilings should be kept light so that brightness can be maximised. This will give the illusion of height even in a small space. You can amplify light using mirrors and reflective surfaces. You can have a large mirror above your vanity so that artificial and natural light can be reflected throughout the space.


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