There are security doors that are designed for different applications whether residential, institutional, commercial etc. As per the descriptive term, the main objective of these doors is security. There can be many threats to the security of your premises and a security door is one of the security components that you can use to fortify the overall security system.

You can go through some of the different varieties of security doors by visiting In addition to deterring would-be thieves, there is a certain peace of mind that you will get when you have a security door on your entrances. There is always the assurance that you have taken additional steps to strengthen the openings to your premises which will make you safe regardless if you have CCTV cameras or a different type of surveillance system. There is something about seeing the level of security yourself that can be very assuring. While it is recommended to use a surveillance system as well, it is important that you have taken additional steps to prevent people from breaking into the home. There may be certain priority areas where you need a security door installed. Many people install security doors for the openings in the external building envelope but you can also use it for rooms. Consider which rooms you will need the most protection so that you can add a security door there as well.

There are many materials you will come across when it comes to security doors.

Metal is the most common which steel and aluminium being the popular materials. And these come with pros and cons so you need to consider both sides before you select what is best for your requirements. When it comes to strength, steel is definitely stronger but these tend to be quite costly. You can still have a stronger than a standard door with an aluminium security door without the high price point. Also, aluminium doors tend to have more aesthetics than steel doors. But you need to consider which material is best suited for your premises. You can also use steel doors on the external envelope while having aluminium security doors in certain rooms that need more protection. 

There are different styles within the material categories as well.

There are doors that are fabricated with woven steel, steel panels, aluminium grill doors, decorative aluminium design doors etc. So in addition to functionality, you need to think about how the addition of a security door will affect the aesthetics of the house. You can choose colours that match the external boundary wall and the door window frames. It is important to consider quality when you select a security door. While you may find two companies having security doors made from the same material, the quality may not be equal. Ask them how they can guarantee the quality of their product and how the doors are tested for quality control and quality assurance purposes. You also need to select security doors that come with the right locks, handles and other accessories.


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