They say plants are so pleasing to the eye and a source of stress reliever. In fact, gardening is one of the most preferred hobby of many elderly people. They argue that it is not only a physical activity to keep their body active, but it is also a therapeutic activity to calm their nerves. True enough as many households prefer to have a garden outside their house – even a small one makes so much difference. However, some are confronted with the maintenance problem. There are instances when the plants turn brown and dry out. Then again, you should not fret about this as the following is the list of tips that you should remember to keep your garden green and healthy.

Compost Pile

When someone says the words ‘compost pile’, the common notion is that it is made up of waste that decay at a fast rate. Although a part of this notion is accurate, some tend to forget that not all waste decay at the same rate. In fact, a high level of heat over long periods of time is necessary for the waste to completely decay and to kill its pathogens. Using a compost pile that has not thoroughly decayed yet can adversely affect the plants as such waste contains harmful chemicals. Hence, only use the ones that have fully decayed.


The presence of bugs is the usual thing among plants. They fly from one leaf to another. Unknown to you, they have taken a bite of your leaves. Oh, poor leaves. Not only that, but they are also known as the transporter of viruses and bacteria, which can harm the plants. In case you have spotted some bugs in your garden, be sure to prepare some insecticide to keep them away. Then again, you should use the insecticide that will not be harmful to your plants. Also, beware of using insecticides on your herb plants.


While it is such a joy to see your plants growing taller and taller every day, you might observe that sometimes, they entangle each other. Although a taller plant indicates a growing healthy plant, you should make sure that the plants do not get in the way of each other. Plants should be free to grow horizontally and vertically. This circumstance necessitates the need to trim. Actually, there is no standard or definite time when to trim a plant as this largely depends on the plant’s growth rate. However, in case it is difficult to give the plants a regular trim, consider getting the assistance of a lawn mowing service near me for garden maintenance.


Similar to humans, plants also need water especially in times of high heat. As summer approaches, make sure to water your plants at least once a day to help them cope up with the temperature changes of their environment. Be careful though as too much water can cause them to drown.

Make gardening a fun activity for you to relax and unwind. Doing so will help you not only maintain a great garden but also preserve the beauty of your house exterior.

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