Freezer bags are some of the essential things you need to store things properly in the fridge. These bags come in different sizes, perfect for storing almost anything that needs to be kept frozen – whether it is soup, garnishing, freezer meals, and many more. Since they are sturdier than regular bags, they don’t get easily punctured or damaged when kept for a long time in the freezer.

However, these bags are actually versatile. You can use it in a variety of ways aside from freezing things. Here are some other uses of freezer bags to make your kitchen chores easier and faster.

Piping Bag

One of the popular uses of a freezer bag is as a piping bag for frosting. It is versatile yet doesn’t easily get punctured or torn when squeezed, making it perfect for piping frosting over baked goods. All you need to do is fill in a part of the freezer bag with icing, snip off a small part on the corner of the bag, and use it like a regular piping bag. Some of the benefits of reusable freezer bags is it can be used many times, lessening the trash in your home and helping save the environment.

Making Cutlets

Making chicken cutlets can be messy and requires more cleaning after you’re done with the task. To make it more convenient, place the chicken breast instead into a freezer bag. Remove out all the air and seal the bag tightly before whacking the chicken meat with the flat side of a kitchen mallet. Since the chicken meat is inside the bag, it won’t splatter around as you pound it, making it easier to clean up the working area after making the cutlets.

Marinating Bag

Marinating meat is made a lot easier and more efficient when you use a freezer bag. It keeps the marinating solution wrapped around the meat the whole time, making it absorb better n deeper into meat. Simply place the meat into the freezer bag, fill in with marinating solution, squeeze out the air and seal the bag securely. Be sure to place the marinating bag in a bowl so that the meat stay submerged into the solution all the time.

Keeps Ice Cream Soft and Easy to Scoop

If you love ice cream then freezer bags should always be in your kitchen. After buying your favourite ice cream, place it inside a freezer bag and seal it tightly before storing in the freezer. The bag keeps oxygen away from the ice cream container and prevents ice crystals from forming on the surface, keeping the ice cream easy to scoop with a creamy texture. You could enjoy a soft serve of your favourite ice cream anytime in your home.

With so many versatile uses, freezer bags are definitely a must-have in every kitchen. Since they could be washed and reused, you could really save a lot since there’s no need to buy a new one after every use.


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