Whether you’re moving for a job or simply looking to enjoy a seaside lifestyle with sunny skies all through the year, then look no further than the north-eastern part of Australia called Queensland, in which lies a coastal city known as Townsville.

While it’s known to be a great tourist spot, it’s also a great place to set up your roots. So, if you’re planning on making the shift to Townsville, either from within the country or from across the ocean, then keep reading to find out all you need to know about this place.

Things you need to know about Townsville

Properties – be it for housing or rental purposes, Townsville is known to be comparatively cheaper than the other areas in Queensland. If you are looking to find sustainable and environmentally friendly houses with energy efficient designs such as solar systems Townsville holds many such properties with increased value. From Alice River to Mount Low to Annandale, each suburb offers a unique neighbourhood that can fit your description easily.

Lifestyle facilities – just like any other city, Townsville has all the important facilities such as medical, schools, places to work, public transports, etc. They even have plenty of entertainment options such as going to the beach or park, dining out and even places to shop as it is also most often a tourist’s spot. All essentials are greatly accessible without the need to face heavy rushes and crowds.

Job opportunities – while there are many different job roles and industries to pick from in Townsville, it’s equally important to ensure you do a thorough research of the role you’ve either received or looking for and ensure it’s exactly what you want as it will help you settle with a wider knowledge of your incomes as well as the day-to-day expenses about. If you love to work and interact with tourists, it’s also the best place for you.

Weather conditions – although humid, the heat isn’t hard to bear and if you’re someone who loves the constant warmth of the sun, then Townsville does you good! The heat takes up most of the year, however you do get a few months of cool weather that lasts from around three to four months.

Advantages of living in Townsville

All suburbs in Townsville are family-friendly and have plenty of other great advantages such as unique sights and attractions, the constant close proximity to the beach and the everyday sunny weather that allows you to enjoy activities such as picnics, outdoor parties, barbeque nights, etc.

While you can even enjoy a good cycle ride to and for certain places, the easy accessibility to transports such as taxis and bus is a major benefit in helping you get around the place. From museums to live performances like opera, dances and cultural events such as dramas and music you can find endless means of things to do with family or friends in order to enjoy your holidays and weekends.

So, if this city fits your criteria can definitely be a worthy move.


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