By maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in an office environment, you can improve the productivity and health of the employees. And this is achieved by thorough office cleaning. There are different tasks carried out by office cleaning services and these will be discussed in detail in the article below.

It is important to ask about the process, products used, equipment when selecting office cleaning services Melbourne. One of the main tasks they will carry out is dusting and wiping all the surfaces in office so that the overall hygiene can be maintained. There are certain areas that will be given special attention such as the desks and chairs. These are focal points of the workplace and there can be dust, contaminants, dirt and other particles that need to be removed. There can also be a lot of dust and dirt in the office chairs especially when it comes to the fabric and the crevices of the chair. The chairs will be vacuumed to restore their original appearance. The storage areas such as the shelves and cabinets will also be dusted and this will ensure proper organisation as well. Dusting can remove allergens from the working environment. When these allergens are not removed, it can give rise to respiratory issues.

There are also high touch areas

That need to be cleaned and disinfected so that the risk of spreading illness throughout the office is minimised. Some of the key areas that cleaning services will focus on will be light switches, door handles, elevator buttons and telephones. Door handles are basically touched by everyone working in the office and this is one of the prime methods of spreading germs. Disinfection of high touch areas can reduce the number of sick days which can boost overall productivity in the office. The floor is another area that can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and germs. The cleaning service will vacuum the floor to remove allergens, dust and dirt. This is especially done for carpets and rugs. This will remove any allergens that will be harmful to respiratory health.  By mopping the hard floor, any spills, dirt and grime can be removed which will improve the appearance of the workplace. This will also help prevent falls.

There are certain things

That can make a significant difference when it comes to the overall appearance of your office. One such task is window cleaning. There are interior and exterior window cleaning services. Interior cleaning will get rid of streaks, dirt and dust on the window. Exterior cleaning will help give a professional appearance to the workplace. The cleaners will also give attention to the window frames and sills as there can be a lot of grime accumulated in the tracks and grooves. Upholstery in addition to office chairs such as couches, visitors’ sofas and fabric partitions will be deep cleaned and stains will be removed in order to increase the lifespan of the materials and boost appearance. Restrooms will also be cleaned and the supplies will be replenished such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap etc.


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