Before you undergo dental implant surgery, you need to go through a comprehensive evaluation. Not every patient will be an ideal candidate for this procedure. Your dentist will help you decide which tooth replacement option is right for your situation.

A qualified dental professional will carry out

A thorough oral health before you can undergo the all-on-4 procedure. This is to evaluate the health of your gums, overall oral hygiene and density of the jawbone. If you have any existing dental issues whether it is tooth decay, gum disease etc. these need to be addressed before you go ahead with the all-on-4 implants surgery. This will ensure the longevity of your dental implants. You need to have sufficient bone volume and density in the jawbone to ensure the successful integration of dental implants. The all-on-4 technique requires the strategic placement of dental implants so that bone contact and stability can be maximised. If you have significant bone loss, you will need to undergo additional treatments before the procedure such as sinus augmentation or bone grafting so that your bone volume can be enhanced. This will better support the dental implants. The feasibility of the all-on-4 procedure will depend on the findings of the bone density evaluation.

You also need to have proper oral hygiene

To ensure that the all-on-4 surgery is successful. You need to brush, floss and go for regular dental check-ups so that you can prevent complications like failure of implants or gum disease. If you have a history of poor oral hygiene, you need to make some changes to your lifestyle so that the health of the implants can be ensured. Some of the lifestyle factors that can interfere with the success of the all-on-4 procedure are smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. If you smoke, you have to consider minimising the use of tobacco or quitting before you undergo surgery for all-on-4. You will also need to moderate your alcohol intake so that it doesn’t negatively affect the all-on-4 treatment success. There are some cost considerations for this procedure as well. The cost will depend on the materials used, complexity of your case and where the dental practice is located. You need to think about the budget you can allocate for this procedure before you start looking for financing options.

The initial cost of all-on-4 procedure

Can be quite high compared to other tooth replacement options but its benefits can outweigh this and it can be a valuable investment to many patients. However, you need to have a realistic view and expectations about the limitations and the outcomes of this surgery. This is something the dentist will explain to you. While functionality, aesthetics and stability are improved with all-on-4 procedure, the actual feel and function of your teeth may or may not be fully replicated. So you have to discuss these expectations with the dentist before you proceed with it. It is also important that you choose an experienced and skilled dental implant specialist so that you can receive personal recommendations on your unique needs.


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