Thinking above renovating your home to make it more liveable and valuable? It’s often difficult to just pick one part of the house to renovate. Should you redo the bedroom or convert the laundry room to something else? It’s worthwhile to think about what each renovation would do to the overall value of the house. Here are some ideas that will help your renovation project:

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The Outdoors are Easy to Change

If you want the least invasive renovations that will improve the overall property’s aesthetic, start with the exterior. Making changes to the exterior of the house is less bothersome than, say, redoing the living room. You can still live in the house as usual while a contractor can undertake the renovations. Also, the exterior areas are easy to change and remake. For example, if you want to install a pool, it’s easy enough to dig a hole in the backyard. You can completely change the yard and have a landscape garden designed. You can also give the front exterior of the home a facelift to impress guests. Upgrading the exterior of your home will make it look pleasing. If you make changes to the yard, such as designing a new dining area, it would add more value to your home as well.

Start with the Cooking Area

When it comes to the interior, the kitchen is the best place to renovate. Consider consulting with a professional kitchen renovations Melbourne agency for practical advice. All in all, most new buyers consider the size and functionality of the kitchen as a major factor in the overall value of the house. The place for cooking should be spacious with plenty of storage. Ventilation and other perks like an outdoor connection would make the overall property more valuable too. So, the best place to renovate inside the house is where you make your breakfast each morning.

Make the Bedrooms Stylish and Spacious to Improve Liveability

If you are renovating the bedrooms, aim to improve available space. The bedrooms only add value if there are many of them. Most people like to design bedrooms in a way that suits their personal style. So there’s little point in making minor additions to the bedroom, unless you really need them. You can improve the view from the bedroom with a larger window, for example, to upgrade the style of the room. Add more closet space or do something innovative, such as a pirate bed.

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Redo the Roof to Take Years Off Your Property

Most people don’t think about doing anything to the roof until it starts leaking. However, renovating the roof and making it safer and sturdier is one of the best ways to add value to your overall property. If your roof is over a decade old, consider renovating it to meet modern standards.

The best way to improve the overall value of your property is to install new parts to your home. For example, adding a larger laundry room, a small garden, or a pool will considerably make your home more valuable. Consider the above suggestions as starting points to remake your home with a new facet.

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