Coming home to a cosy little nest of warmth can truly make a change in your life. Your home is your personal sanctuary and if this place is always messy and unwelcoming it will start to affect your life. You may not know it or even feel it but slowly and slowly it will affect you and your life bringing in negativity and affecting your productivity, mood etc. On the other hand, after a long and tiring day you come home to a warm and cosy place, this will immediately uplift your mood and make you feel happy and in turn affect your daily life, productivity, mood etc. So you can understand the significance of having a cosy home, but the problem is many don’t really know how to make it cosy for them. This is the key point, one person’s cosy home may not necessarily be that cosy for another, therefore it is our duty to find out what makes us feel most at peace and thus enhance that. Here are a few ways that you can make your home cosy.

Natural Light Is Your Best Friend

This is true for pretty much everyone. Natural light is one main tool that absolutely needs to be employed by anyone and everyone looking to make their home nice and comfy. Rather than stocking the place up with extravagant fancy lights and making the place look even ore duller, use natural light. Let natural light flow into your house. There are many ways you can do this. For example, use plantation shutters as opposed to old-fashion window shutters. The greater width in these will allow more sunlight and brighten the place greatly. Another method would be to use more and more open sliding doors ad if you are concerned about privacy, simply use curtains – make sure to use light colours. You will notice a difference in your house once you start letting the light in and as a bonus you will also start to feel much better and save on electricity!

Clutter Needs To Go!

There is no easy way out of this but to take a day or two (depending on how much clutter you have) for yourself and start de-cluttering everything. Trust me when I say this, simplicity is the key to beauty. Many people nowadays are opting for the minimalistic way of life, having only a few inanimate objects to themselves. Their homes have the basic essentials and maybe a few personalized items such as paintings and that is it. No unnecessary items of any kind. This method preserves the beauty of the place and also is very appealing to the eye. The feeling of being less crowded will bring about a soothing effect to your home making it cosy and calming to you. So drop everything and start de-cluttering!

Use More Soft Fabrics

This is another excellent method to employ to make your home cosy. Avoid getting chunky dark coloured uncomfortable couches and opt for more cosy light coloured couches preferably made with soft fabrics. Have some comfortable blankets laid over them for when it is cold or even simply to use while watching a movie or having a coffee on a cold afternoon. Use fluffy carpets that make you feel warm. Add a few extra pillows to your couch, the larger the better and fluffier. All these together will bring about a very cosy home.

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